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Custom Business Signs Can Help Your Business Stand Out

by | Jul 13, 2018 | Business Signs | 0 comments

If you own or operate a business, you can likely think of plenty of cases where custom business signs would come in handy. But finding the right custom business sign for your business can be tough. Where do you begin to shop for or create a sign that fits your needs? After all, many businesses face the same needs, such as needing to show building capacity or restroom locations. However there is an infinite number of unique situations that your business faces – and many of these situations could benefit from custom business signs. So, how do you go about creating the right custom business signs for you?

First, make sure that the signage company you’re working with has the ability to create customized, professional quality signs. Whether the custom business sign need is temporary, such as a seasonal sale sign, or permanent, such as outdoor parking signage – you need to work with a professional sign company. When you work with a custom business sign professional, they will know how to create a custom business sign that meets your needs and fits within the brand guidelines of your organization.

Second, you need to consider the materials, colors, and size of your custom business sign. A professional sign company can advise you of what’s best for your particular project. In many cases, you can go to a custom business sign store to work with a professional sign consultant face-to-face. If your sign is temporary and outdoors, that’s very different than if your sign is permanent and inside. When you work with a custom business sign professional, they will help you create a sign for your business that fits within your brand guidelines, and that abides by any applicable building or safety codes. If you need custom colors or fonts, your sign professional will help you find the sign design solution that’s right for your business.

Third, after you’ve worked with a custom business sign professional to create the right signs for your business, the next step is proofing a mock-up of the sign and ordering the manufacturer to produce the sign. Again, working with a custom business sign professional will help ensure that the manufacturer is notified of your custom design and specification needs, so you can focus on doing other things that help your business stand out.

However, what if you don’t have time to go in to a professional sign shop in person? Not every business owner or manager has the time to go into a sign shop and create a custom business sign from scratch. Luckily, many sign vendors offer custom business sign creation tools online in addition to their in-person design sessions. On most of the online systems available for customers to create their own signs, here’s how the ordering process works. Customers can select the sign shape, size, materials, and of coruse the text or icons that will go on the custom business sign. After you’ve created your sign using the automated software, you will have the ability to review your sign and place your order. When you create your custom business sign online, it can then be ordered and paid for online, and either picked up onsite or shipped to your door!  The sign design will then be sent out for production, and typically your sign will be sent to you via the mail or you can pick it up in person and review it with a sign professional before taking your sign back to your place of business.

Whenever possible, most professional sign companies also will perform quality checks or formal reviews of other specifications of custom signs when they are ordered, to help ensure your custom business sign order meets your expectations. That way you don’t end up with an even bigger problem on your hands by designing a sign that ends up being outside of code-compliance, or that doesn’t look as you expected it to. Professional, custom business signs are meant to take your business a step up in appearance, so working extra hard to ensure that signs are created right the first time goes hand-in-hand with using professional-grade signs.

Custom business signs might be needed for all sorts of reasons, both temporary and permanent. Some samples of why a company may need a temporary custom business sign are to direct foot traffic, entice customers to enter your store, to advertise for a community event or clearance sale, or to promote a seasonal sale. Permanent needs for custom business signs might be the need to designate parking spaces for customers and staff, emergency exits, restroom locations, and more. Whether your needs are temporary and your signs will only be used occasionally, or whether your needs are permanent and your custom business signs will be used year-round, it’s best to consult with a professional sign company to create your sign rather than try to make something on your own. Professional sign companies understand government and building codes, and we know best practices in designing and displaying signage. Working with a professional sign maker from the beginning will streamline the custom business sign selection process and ensure that your sign project is completed on time with the right outcome.

Custom business signs are a great way to add polish to your business. No customer wants to visit a business and see a cheap-looking or handmade sign pointing out a sale or an entry. Those handwritten signs are a way to lose business, not gain it! A professional sign makes all the difference between getting noticed in a bad way and getting noticed in a good way! Even if you’re under a time crunch, call a professional sign maker for help before taping a handmade sign to your wall or entryway. Custom business signs created by an industry leader in signage are a sure-fire way to promote your company’s brand, spread a positive brand image, and effectively communicate with your customers. If you’re in need of a custom business sign but you don’t know where to turn, start by consulting with your local sign professional today!


Written by: Alicia Peregory

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