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5 Reasons You Should Use LED Signs

by | Jul 14, 2018 | Business Signs | 0 comments

If you are looking for a sign to promote your business, you will have a variety of choices to choose from. In fact, the plethora of choices available to you may have you overwhelmed at first. In this article, sign buyers will learn 5 reasons they should use LED signs to promote their business.


Many business owners are switching to LED signs because these signs are much brighter than other types of signage. Brighter signs are able to grab the attention of more potential customers, and these types of signs are also easier to see for greater distances.

Lasts Longer

When compared to a traditional lighted sign, an LED sign will last a great deal longer. By design, LED bulbs last for about 50,000 hours. Depending on how often the sign is used, some LED signs will remain brightly lit for up to 100,000 hours.

Less Maintenance and Replacement

Since the light bulbs in an LED sign are more durable than other types of lighting, sign buyers can expect much less repair and maintenance than would be associated with a sign that uses traditional light bulbs. LED lights are also less prone to burning out or shaking loose, so business owners can confidently have their LED sign installed, and not worry about the lighting for a very long time.

More Energy-Efficient

LED light output is created much differently than traditional light output. As a result, LED light requires much less energy to run. This benefit will help you save energy costs for your business, and will provide you with the benefits listed above as well.

Creative Flexibility

One of the main reasons that business owners are rapidly swapping out their old signs for LED signs is because this type of technology allows for creative flexibility. LED bulbs are smaller than other types of lights used in signs, which means sign designers can create nearly anything a business owner is looking for.

Let us help you create the signage you need to advertise your business properly by taking advantage of our LED sign sale. When you trust us with your signage needs, you will receive an LED sign that will meet and exceed your highest expectations.

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