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Why are Signs Important For Your Business

by | Jul 14, 2018 | Business Signs | 0 comments

Signs are one of the most important parts of any business’ successful marketing campaign. Through the use of signs, customers can immediately identify a certain Atlanta sign with a business or product. Without signs, customers are less likely to recognize a product or brand, which significantly decreases the chances of that customer buying a particular product or service. For this reason, it is very important that a variety of signs be incorporated into any business advertising. Below you will find the most important reasons signs are vital to your business.


As mentioned before, recognition is the most important duty of a Decatur sign. The better a business is recognized, the more successful they will be. This happens because a customer is more likely to purchase a product they recognize or are familiar with. On the other hand, a product or service that is not advertised well will not likely generate many sales. Customers are also more likely to search for product or services that they see advertised on a sign, but it’s highly unlikely customers will seek products or services they don’t know exist.


The next biggest reason signs are a must have for any marketing campaign is because they are affordable. In fact, business owners can order a variety of different signs including sidewalk signs, directional signs, car magnet signs and store signs to advertise a certain product or service with relatively low cost, especially when you purchase signs that can be used for a long period of time, or many times throughout the year. For best results, many successful business owners use a variety of different signs to advertise and reach as many customers in a variety of different ways as possible. Have a custom sign Decatur idea? No, problem. Customized signs are available, and still more affordable than expensive radio or TV time.

Call to Action

The most effective Atlanta business signs include a call to action. To do this, business owners can advertise an upcoming sale or promotion, announce an opening, and invite customers to call or come in and shop. Call to action signs also include vital business information such as the phone number, sale dates and where to find the business. The location of the business is a must, especially if the sign isn’t located directly in front of or in the business.

Touch Point

Simply through their presence, signs create a much needed touch point with customers and more importantly potential customers. This happens because every time a customer sees a particular sign for a business or service, they are more likely to buy or inquire about the products or services advertised. To be truly successful, every contact a consumer has with a business’ signs must be a positive experience. This can be achieved by having easy to understand signs.

When designing a marketing campaign, make sure you are including signs in the campaign. Signs are affordable ways to advertise products and services. On the sign, business owners should include a clear call to action, and make sure their business’ services and products are clearly identifiable on the sign. Lastly, it is important to use a variety of different signs and to make sure each sign stands out.

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