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Vinyl Removal Instructions

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Note: In most cases, vinyl lettering can be removed without any residual damage to the applied surface. While this is usually the case, different substrate materials can cause different reactions, and if you are not sure of what the resulting reaction might be, it is recommended that you test an inconspicuous area of the surface before you use the below technique. The good news is that most surfaces, including vehicles, react well to the vinyl removal procedure outlined below, with no major damage to the surface.

(Note: When dealing with decals that have been in place for a relatively longer duration, it is possible that the paint around the decal might look faded or discolored upon removal. This will happen especially if the decal has been exposed to sun for long periods of time. Such a significant exposure to the sun will create a tan line effect on the surface, in which case the unexposed are under the decals will look nice and shiny adjacent to the faded and exposed area.)

If it’s an old wooden sign, whose paint is already peeling off or cheeped, you should have in mind that the paint is likely to peel even further with the removal of the vinyl letters.

Use the following step by step instructions to remove old vinyl decals, letters and stripes.

Using a heat gun, gently heat the surface of the decal. Then scrap the vinyl from the surface using a plastic removal squeegee. (Note: the vinyl is likely to come off in small pieces if it is old and brittle but if it is not very old, you can pull it off in one chunk).

After you remove the vinyl, the next step is to clean the adhesive off the surface. Be sure to use a cleaning agent designed for removing such adhesives without causing any damage to the paint. We sell ideal adhesive remover fluids for such purposes.

Use soap and water to clean the surface then check to see that there are no adhesive or vinyl stuck to the surface once you are done with the cleaning.

At this point, you are basically done. If you have intentions of applying new vinyl to the surface, be sure to clean it thoroughly then finally wipe it with alcohol to ensure that there is no adhesive remover still present on the surface.

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