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LED technology is becoming more popular with every passing year. To learn more about why this technology is becoming so prevalent, especially when it comes to signs, check out the information provided below.

What is LED?

LED technology is created when light-emitting diodes are turned on. When active electrons combine with holes and photons, a form of energy, are created. The process of creating photons is called electroluminescence. Depending on the energy of the photon used, colored lights can be created during electroluminescence.

How is it good for your business?

Since LED light bulbs are extremely small, about 1mm, these unique light bulbs can be used to create just about any pattern possible. For this reason, it is ideal in creating interesting creations using bright LED bulbs. Another bonus when used by your business is that LED signs use much less energy than other types of traditional sign lighting. Since LEDs use less energy than other types of lighting, it costs less to operate LED signs than any other type of signage. LED signs are also brighter and last longer than signs created with other types of technology. This translates into signs that will be seen for very far distances and signs that will not require maintenance or repair for a very long time. In fact, when installed and maintained properly, LED signs could last for about 100,000 hours before needing to be replaced.

What’s the difference between neon and LEDs?

There are many differences between neon lights and LED lights. The most obvious difference is in how these different types of technology create light. To run properly, neon lights need a great deal of energy and often run very hot. Next, neon lights are very prone to breakage because they use glass tubes, and LED lights do not use glass tubes. Neon signs also have some electrical hazard risks and are considered to be high-maintenance. Due to the maintenance and risk associated with neon signs, LED signs are easier, faster, and cheaper to install.

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